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Explore the diverse world of solid wood flooring, offering a vast array of wood types, widths, thicknesses, and colors to complement the aesthetics of both modern and traditional homes. Beyond their versatility, solid wood floors are not only easy to maintain but also provide a hygienic alternative to fitted carpets. With proper care, these floors can stand the test of time and, much like fine wine, enhance in character with age.

In today’s design landscape, wooden floors are exceptionally trendy, contributing significant value to homes. According to estate agents, properties featuring wooden floors sell twice as easily compared to those without.

Installation of solid wood flooring involves secret or surface nailing onto joists or a quality sub-floor. Alternatively, it can be glued onto concrete or wood sub-floors, with ample allowance for wood expansion.

Distinguishing itself from engineered flooring, solid wood is directly cut from the log, presenting a single, solid piece of wood. While this imparts a unique charm, it’s worth noting that solid wood is less stable than its engineered counterpart and isn’t suitable for areas with underfloor heating or any signs of damp.

Solid wood flooring comes in two options: Unfinished and Prefinished. Opting for Unfinished allows you the flexibility to color and finish your floor on-site after installation, catering to your exact preferences. On the other hand, Prefinished offers a quicker, mess-free installation, ready for use immediately.

Choose from a variety of solid wood options for your flooring, with oak flooring standing out as an incredibly popular choice.

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