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Wood Floor Fitting

Wood flooring remains a top choice, offering timeless elegance and compatibility with various home designs. When considering wood flooring, you’ll encounter four primary options:

1. Solid Wood Flooring

2. Engineered Wood Flooring

3. Parquet Wood Flooring

4. Laminate Flooring (not available with Whittlewoods)

Flooring types

Solid wood planks

These planks are cut from logs, dried, and machined into various sizes and grades. They may come pre-finished or require finishing on-site.

Engineered wood planks

Consisting of a hardwood veneer atop a cross ply base, engineered wood is notably easier to install and more stable than solid wood.
Parquet Blocks

Parquet blocks

Parquet flooring features solid wood blocks laid in intricate patterns such as herringbone or checkerboard, offering both stability and aesthetic appeal.

Laminate flooring

While not genuine wood, laminate flooring convincingly replicates wood grain through laminated photographs. It’s easy to install and durable, though lacking in natural authenticity.
Each type of flooring presents its unique advantages and drawbacks, requiring consideration of factors like installation complexity, stability, and durability. By weighing these aspects, you can select the flooring option that best aligns with your needs and preferences.