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Wood Floor Repair Service

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Wood floor repairs

Renew Your Flooring with Our Proficient Repair Solutions. Over time, even the most resilient wooden floors experience wear and tear. At Whittlewoods we recognize this natural progression and provide a full spectrum of repair services. Our offerings encompass wood floor sanding, replacing local hardwood and engineered planks, and refitting parquet blocks. We can also repair for any insurance claims if your floor damaged. Whether your floor requires minor touch-ups or extensive restoration, our skilled team is poised to help. Entrust your wood floor repair needs to our team’s assured expertise.

Types Of Wood Floor We Repair

We can repair engineered wood, parquet, solid wood and reclaimed wood. The repair process includes wood floor sanding to create a smooth surface, replacing local hardwood or engineered planks as needed, and refitting parquet blocks for intricate patterns. Our meticulous approach extends to blending the colors of new and existing floorboards, ensuring a uniform and aesthetically pleasing result.

To further personalize your wooden floor, we offer the option to adjust the color of the boards or even paint the floor according to your preferences. Every repair stage is carefully planned, providing the necessary floorboards, cutting-edge machinery, and premium materials to guarantee a flawless finish.

solid-elm-floor-sanding-before solid-elm-wood-finished-after

Trust our expertise to breathe new life into your wooden floors, preserving their timeless charm for years to come. Experience the artistry of wooden floor repairs with our dedicated team, where precision meets passion for an exceptional result.